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I scream, You scream, We all scream for SUNSCREEN!

Well, I don't know about you but we actually scream for champagne. Champagne, a book, silence, and solitude. That's what we are really looking for in a beach day!

However, regularly we make plans to spend family days at the pool or the beach, which always sounds like a wonderful idea. We picture those idyllic moments where our little ones are flying around, with a little puppy pulling at their swimsuit bottoms, with cute little tan lines, the smell of coconut exuding from their skin with their tousled beach hair, as the sound of waves crash in the background. But as parents, most likely the reality is, "I'm hot!" "I'm hungry" "I'm bored" "He splashed me" "I have sand all over me and I wanna go home." Sigh. But no complaint is worse than those coming directly from a child with a bright, red sunburn. And living in the hot Southwest Florida sun, no one knows sunburns like we do.

It's tempting to lather kids up in thick, chemical- filled lotion to avoid the whines, pains, and lack of sleep from the discomfort of a burn. Like most, we try to be those perfect moms where their children are eating only all natural, the cotton they wear is organic, plastic is BPA free, on and on and on.. but man, doing that 100% is really hard. But we definitely give it the old college try. Well, maybe not "college"... those weren't our healthiest moments either. I digress.

Sunscreen: You know the drill... Nothing says "healthy" like a nice, deep inhale of that spray coming out of the aerosol cans where you can taste the chemicals because you accidentally opened your mouth. I do not want that for myself, let alone our little ones. It is so important that we are using products that are plant-based, effective, long-lasting, and come from companies that care about the health of our children as much as we do!

Therefore, we have chosen our top three favorites, that are made just for kids, that you can always find in our beach bags!

What we love? This is a small business from Cocoa Beach, FL. So they for sure know what we need for protection from the Florida sun. And a face stick is a definite game changer. They use all natural ingredients and is a great friend to sensitive skin, as we know most infants and toddlers are susceptible to skin irritation. This product meets the stringent requirements for the The Skin Cancer Foundation... sounds like a winner to me!

This product is sunscreen goals! For those of you looking for a product that is

hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, gluten-free, perfect for sensitive skin, botanically based, and pediatrician approved, this was made for your family! What a rap sheet for this product... and it's all linked in the title :) If you are interested getting your hands on this lotion, email, DM, comment, or send a carrier pigeon to us and we will hook you up!

We 'Honest-ly' love these products! Being that I'm a "spray" girl myself, I love the options for application! With a spray it is less likely you are smearing sand mixed with a lotion. Beside personal preferences, this company provides products that are

all-natural, mineral based, tested by the professionals, fragrance free and perfect for the whole family! They have recently released a new formula that keeps this product at the top of the list!

Next time, we will review our favorite champagnes :) In the meantime, we would love to hear from you about your favorite sunscreens and skin care products for your families.

~Krissy & Mary

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