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Keep Calm and Stroll On- Part 1

I recently had a long conversation with my sister-in- law about transitioning our babies from the car carrier to the actual car seat. When do you do it? Why do you do it? Which one do I buy? How many of these never ending reviews, safety lists, opinions do I have to read before I commit to the one I buy? It's so overwhelming and I am 100% lazy when it comes to reading all the reviews (well, and following directions for how to assemble... ask my husband, I sort of just make it up as I go along, he hates it.)

So with so much gear that you neeeeeeed when you have a baby, we have decided to tell you our favorites! Have we reviewed every brand, make, and model?? No way! But we get asked by friends, family, and followers about our go- to gear for babies and toddlers. We have a very advanced, technological system and equation to selecting the best gear for the apple of your eye.

Here it is:

1) Is it safe? Yes

2) Is it in my price range? Yes

3) Will I look cute carrying/ holding/ pushing/ etc? Meh, with yesterday's make-up, hair in a baseball hat, and some cute-ish athleisure- wear... Sure, that will have to do!


In all seriousness, safety, ease of installing/loading/folding, and durability are high priority to us. Products that we love and think you will too are listed and linked below! We did all the reviews, try-outs, cuss words for you so you can shop these products and be all set for your newborn or transitioning times!

Car carriers- Here's two of our favs!

Chicco Key Fit- Why this one? Well because my cute, chic friend Lexi told me that's what she used to fly around downtown Chicago with her newborn. Ha! But when I looked into it, it is so user friendly, was adaptable to different brands of strollers and had high safety ratings. I loved how easy it was for my non- direction- reading self to click the base in and out of different cars. Therefore for us, it turned out to live up to all that Lex and Amazon said it would!!

Picture Me Strollin'- We've got three that we L-O-V-E

Bugaboo- I had this stroller "in my cart" before I had anything else "baby" picked out! This is the Grand Dame of strollers. And the option for a Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol print for the canopy, yes ma'am it must be mine. Once I got around my husband by showing him all the possible features of this double stroller and how it would grow with our family, I was ready to click "check out." This company has thought of it all and my now 3 year old loves to ride on her own little seat attached near the handle bars. It's definitely a show stopper and crowd pleaser!

Car Seats- Isn't there only one to choose from??

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Max- This is the direction that I sent my sister- in-law for the creme de la creme of car seats. Like us, she liked how it would look in her car. But more importantly, we sold her on the fact that it is a 2-1 convertible for a child up to 85 lbs, superior side impact protection around your child's head, and the fabric is removable and washable! The car seat was an easy install but I had the deputy that works at my school check for safety and his response was "Woah, that's the Rolls Royce of car seats." Yes sir, you are correct!

Do we look good strolling around with this equipment? That's debatable! But we definitely have found products and companies that suit our lifestyle on the go and in the sunshine. As always contact us here or on Instagram @ourislandkids.

Part 2 of this blog post will come next week where we will share our favorite baby carriers, bibs, covers, and much, much more! See you then!


Krissy & Mary

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